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We aren't like Greece, but...

by Antonio Cardella

Beyond the high-sounding declarations, the similarities are more than many people would have you believe.


The datum feature of this crisis that has gripped the West and especially Europe, is the fracture, it is unknown how the final, including the social fabric and the State. Mind you, it is a fracture that has always existed and that has never healed, but the current state of European political history, is so obvious that even the staunchest statists can disguise it.
We see concretely what are the main factors that mark the separation between the real needs of people and the act of state institutions, national and international.
European Central Bank, IMF and European Commission to require national governments to obey, to drastically reduce their debts, those measures promoting them from contracting the deficit at very short compared to their GDP. In case you require a return to reduce this deficit to 3%. How to achieve this? It's easy: contracting costs, reducing the resources allocated to social services and imposing direct taxes and indirect taxes that affect, without progression, the base income of each nation euro area.
According to economic analysts less organic to the powers that be, this objective of a balanced national budget is a colossal hoax, for the reasons that we try to explain here.

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Same medicine, same fate


Antonio Cardella