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Music & anArchy

On the relationship between anarchy and music you could write books and books. And listen to records and CDs. So many. There's a whole world of wishes, dreams, sounds, protests, cellars, social complaints. Music and anarchy is one of the most fertile pairs.
If they find traces of it in our magazine. First in the two sections now "classic" treated respectively by Marco Pandin (Musica&idee) and Alessio Lega (...and singing company).
It has been almost 30 years since we proposed to Marco to write about music to "A", we who were reading his articles often larded with punk, anarchy, freedom Rockerilla. Are born from our collaboration then many other things, the list of "Music for A" on the first lp (F / ear this!) In support of "A" made ​​internationally in the late 80s, in a continuous contact (and sometimes in osmosis) with the lively music of the world of wine, hard rock, self-managed small labels.
From here also the project mille papaveri rossi and then duemila papaveri rossi and who knows that sooner or later you will see the light even three thousand red poppies, not so much cover songs of Fabrizio De André, the interpretations, insights, and new versions in other languages​​. And then Lalli, Stefano Giaccone, Franti s in general, its non-Black * Star label, Roberto Bartoli and Paola Sabbatani and dozens of other proposals.
Alessio, the Alessio Salento, has opened her part in these years (and now there are many) eyes and ears and brain to the world of songwriters, music and social protest globally. Interviews, reports, statements of texts that range across Europe, from Russia to Catalonia, from the Czech Republic at ... Current events and history, and even his friendships, his songs, Carlo Giuliani, the Roma (cfr. even on this issue), dissidents in communist regimes, and more. Eleuthera is about to go out for a book / dialogue / discussion with Ascanio Celestini, will publish excerpts of "A". Music, theater, story-telling: there are many ways "art" to express themselves and to "fight".
The case of Georges Brassens released in the next number in this partnership is all anarchy / music, and in turn arises in the our “story” with Fabrizio De André, of which Brassens was “the” master.
It is a story that binds the cellars where the rock and punk sound (often not without problems of communal living) to the Isle of Wight and Woodstock, more than losers from the most famous, inside, outside and against the "music officer ", in theaters and squares, marches and the Club Tenco, Pietro Gori, Giorgio Gaber, weeders in rice fields by Joan Baez singing Sacco and Vanzetti. Music and anarchy is also this. And we at "A" we want to stay inside. More and more and more.

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