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Interview to Piero Milesi by Renzo Sabatini

In 2007 the composer Piero Milesi is interviewed by a radio in Italian and "covers" of Australia. A dialogue with him is one of our employees, who then lived there.
With Piero is mainly about Fabrizio De Andre, with whom he had worked to achieve Milesi Anime Salve.

Piero Milesi


Milano 1996 - Piero Milesi during the realization of


Piero Milesi at his home in Mattarana (Sp)


Renzo Sabatini

(Interview conducted by telephone in September 2007. Recorded at the studios of Italy Network - Melbourne. Round aired in October 2007 as part of weekly program: "In obstinate and contrary direction", dedicated to the characters of the songs of Fabrizio De André ).

Thanks for the photos of Piero Milesi to Walter Pistarini from the site viadelcampo.com.