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by Alessio Lega


The singing gypsy
A small anthology. Poets and singers gagi watching the Roma people

The occasion was the inauguration of the "Museum of the trip." My companion, Patricia Church, is committed for the past one year - on behalf of the association together with SIR and Opera Nomads and Romano Drom - the establishment of a museum of Roma people. You will realize the extreme difficulty to showcase, display case below, the forward movement that has characterized the history of a people. To keep only the trivial question of finding materials, gypsy tradition is to burn every personal item that belonged to a gypsy when he dies. So already there is little (the little that can fit on a cart, in a trailer) and nothing remains. This is part of the poetry of light and wandering thoughts of individuals who want to continue free all heaviness from each collection. But misfortune for us that we love them, but we need to keep the store and then they might know. Our culture is based on the accumulation of data, documents, artifacts.
The occasion, I said, it was October 7, 2011, inauguration date of this open-air museum that coincides with the gypsy camp, or at least a portion of it, in Milan in Via Impastato, Rogoredo area. The field of family Bezzecchi, to make a name known on these pages.

Milan, the Journey Museum Fabrizio De André, February 14.
Presentation of the book by Walter Pistarini The book of the world.
The stories behind the songs of Fabrizio De André (joints).
At the center, the author. On his right, Alessio Lega

Museo del Viaggio Fabrizio De André


Alessio Lega


Alessio Lega