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by Marco Pandin



Your past comes back to haunt you

The Fonotone Joe Bussard was one of those small record labels housewives who have practiced, perhaps unconsciously, the preservation of historical memory of American popular music in the forms of blues, jazz and folk. Bussard was not a scholar or a researcher, nor an entrepreneur: he was an enthusiast and a collector who recorded and exchanged reels trying to keep down the expenditure limits. These records Bussard often affected (not "printed" means literally affected, at a time through a vinyl semi-artisan equipment) on 10-inch 78 rpm discs on top of which eventually cut out and pasted handwritten labels, and then sold it to low price for correspondence. He was a local tour, from Washinton DC and Maryland, where they found themselves fans and curious, leads programs on small local broadcasters, musicians and people who used to run other microscopic labels.

John Fahey

Marco Pandin